Rollover Image – Grandview

  • Recessed Ranch Panel with Square Wrought Iron Windows
  • Panneau Recessed Ranch avec fenêtres en fer forge rectangulaire
  • Panel empotrado Ranch con ventanas cuadradas de hierro forjado

Grandview Series

Not your average windows…

…not your average door. The Grandview is built with a 24” (610mm) top section to showcase our beautiful selection of extra-large windows. Choose Wrought Iron, 4-Over-4 Pane, 4 Pane or Clear to compliment your home’s exterior and enhance its curb appeal. Exceptional quality and the opportunity to create many different looks with a wide variety of panel styles makes the Grandview a perfect choice for the discerning homeowner.

Panel styles

Clik the different panels below.

Rollover List – Grandview

  • /images/grandview-recessedranch.pngRecessed Ranch
  • /images/grandview-windemere.pngWindemere
  • /images/grandview-colonial.pngColonial
  • /images/grandview-ranch.pngRanch
  • /images/grandview-vribbed.pngV-Ribbed
  • /images/grandview-flush.pngFlush
  • /images/grandview-recessedranch.pngRecessed Ranch
  • /images/grandview-windemere.pngWindemere
  • /images/grandview-colonial.pngColonial
  • /images/grandview-ranch.pngRanch
  • /images/grandview-vribbed.pngV-Ribbed
  • /images/grandview-flush.pngFlush
  • /images/grandview-recessedranch.pngRanch Empotrado
  • /images/grandview-windemere.pngWindemere
  • /images/grandview-colonial.pngColonial
  • /images/grandview-ranch.pngRanch
  • /images/grandview-vribbed.pngV-Ribbed
  • /images/grandview-flush.pngFlush


  • charcoal-grayCharcoal Grey
  • whiteWhite
  • blackBlack
  • almondAlmond
  • TaupeTaupe
  • bronzeBronze
  • brownBrown
  • cafe_swatchCafé
  • GoldenOak_swatchGolden Oak
  • CherryWood_swatchCherry Wood
  • DarkOak_swatchDark Oak

Window styles

All Grandview windows are available in Single Arched, Square and Two Piece Arched styles.

  • grandwindows-wroughtironWrought Iron
  • grandwindows-4over44-Over-4 Pane
  • grandwindows-4pane4 Pane
  • grandwindows-clearClear

4-Over-4 Pane, 4 Pane and Clear are available in clear or obscured glass.


  • features

    Engineered for life

    We make beautiful doors. We also care that what's behind them will keep your door worry and maintenance-free for years to come. Learn more about the door's features.

  • 45mm_fp_thick-wood

    Strength in numbers

    A 1 3/4" (45mm) insulated core ensures a strong, long-lasting door and provides an R value of 16 for exceptional thermal resistance.

  • love_handles

    Love your handles

    Transform your door to a beautiful reproduction of the past by adding decorative hardware elements with the look and feel of hand-forged wrought iron.

  • weather_storms

    Steel is the new wood

    Authentic woodgrain texture on panels gives you the aesthetic of wood without the cost or hassle of maintaining it.

  • weather_storms

    Weather the storms

    Built to withstand many different weather conditions, our doors have a continuous polyurethane insulated core, arctic-grade bottom seal and dual-seal section joints to help reduce air flow and lower your energy costs.

  • built_to_last

    Built to last

    Door sections are constructed from high-strength, rust-resistant galvanized steel and coated with a baked-on polyester paint finish. Which means your door will last a really, really long time.

  • green_standard

    Green comes standard

    Our Neufoam™ polyurethane insulation is zero ozone-depleting to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Woodgrain embossing simulates real hardwood without depleting our forests.


Peace of mind

There are enough worries in life – your garage door shouldn’t be one of them. When you choose Richards-Wilcox, you’ve chosen the best garage door you can buy and we’ll back that up in writing with our LifeTimer™ Warranty.